My name is Will Colon, but on my Wikia Profile, I am known as "WizzyULTIMATEbreed". I have constantly contributed to this Wiki since June/July of last year, and already I am one of the top contributors, if not THE Number 1 guy. (But I don't want to brag, that ain't me) I have recently been promoted to Admin of this Wiki because how I saw our current one, DRAGONUNKNOWN1999, had not been contributing to this Wiki for weeks, and therefore, the Wiki has not had any sufficient or big changes.

Under my watchful eye, and thanks to certain contributors like Peter Sundler, the Wiki has had a dynamic change to its Home Page and the rest of the pages. But it's still not enough, I can't be the only Admin here, I need to promote some people to new and better positions to spread the word on this Wiki and get more visitors, in order to combat our rivals like the "Street Fighter Wiki".

However, as the only working Admin, I found that I cannot promote certain others to be co-Admin with me because there are restrictions. Then I recently found out that I can only do that if I am also a Bureaucrat. Which is why I am making this blog to persuade others on this Wiki to get the on-off Admin DRAGONUNKNOWN to promote me into a Bureaucrat, so that I can promote the top contributors and we can provide some REAL changes to this small Wiki.

So everyone, please show your support for my cause and get DRAGON to promote me as Bureaucrat, and I promise to all of you, I will not let you down, and with your help, we will see some drastic changes to the Killer Instinct Wiki, for the better.

Don't believe me? Let me tell you, Killer Instinct is one of my favorite fighting games growing up, though I never officially played it until last year (though it was just for one day), and I will be damned if this Wiki and the series as a whole doesn't earn the love and respect that it truly deserves, even more than the constantly mentioned Street Fighter. I know the characters, backstories, stages, themes, and other gameplay stuff by heart, and I am the best man for the position.

So once more, please keep me as an Admin, but also allow me to become a Bureaucrat so we can change this Wiki for the better. DO YOU HEAR ME, DRAGON?