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Ultratech Industries serves as Fulgore's stage in Killer Instinct (2013). According to Fulgore's bio and endings, this is most likely where the latest Fulgore mark product was created and brought online.


The stage is an industrial plant or smelting factory, with several large mechanical devices seen in the background, flames spurting out of them at random intervals. The fight between fighters takes place on a walkway overlooking the factory. During an Ultra Combo, a retort in the background will explode, making an orb-like shield of flames that becomes magnetic causing some metallic items to float and to be sucked into the magnetic fiery retort, which causes it to become distorted and explode at the end of the combo.


Fulgore's 2013 theme, "Type-03", is composed and mixed by Mick Gordon. The song itself is hard-driving, fast-paced metal theme with an old-school sci-fi feel thrown into it, giving the impression of being inside a robotics manufacturing factory. It also features a section of his KI2 theme during the medley, once the players hit a string of 16+ combos.

If both players remain idle for a long period of time, then a remixed version of Fulgore's original KI theme, "Full-bore", will begin to play.