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For centuries we have lived in the shadows, agent provocateurs in human history, but now it is time to show our hand.

—The True Tsar in the Killer Instinct Dynamite comics (issue #2)

The True Tsar is an ancient Russian vampire master and ruler of the Coven. He was first mentioned in Mira's backstory for Killer Instinct (2013), titled "The Road to Ravensburg", and is the vampire lord responsible for Mira's turning. The True Tsar made his debut in the KI universe in the second issue of the Killer Instinct Dynamite comics, released in November 2017.


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Gargos's design for world domination has withered upon the vine. The human race is on its knees. Only the Coven prevails. Triumph has never tasted so sweet.

—The True Tsar's opening monologue in the 2017 KI comics

After the chaos, we will come not as conquerors but as a balm. To sooth and heal, to give hope where there was none. A wolf in sheep's clothing. We shall restore order, stabilize nations and economies. By the time they feel our fangs at their throats, it will be too late.

—The True Tsar ruminating over his masterplan

It will simply be the way of things. The new world order. The rule of the Vampire and of the Coven will be the rule of all.

—The Tsar's endgame


  • Just like The Chairman in the 1996 Comics, his real name is also never revealed.
    • However in Issue #3 of Killer Instinct (2017) during his encounter with Cinder, he refers to him as "Rasputin". Whether this was his name or a reference to a real life Russian mystic and self proclaimed Grigori Rasputin.