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The Master was a mysterious assassin who once led the Red Eyes of Rylai. She was usurped and murdered by Sadira long before the events of the 2013 reboot began.


It's unknown when and how the Master came into power, but she became the leader of the Red Eyes of Rylai at some point. She always wore a necklace in the shape of a heavy, golden spider as a symbol of her chiefdom. Later on in her life, she took the young assassin Sadira under her wing, knowing that she was a dangerous but extraordinary fighter. She treated Sadira like a daughter, giving the young woman the only true affection she’d ever known since her rough childhood. As Sadira grew older she coveted the Master's position with an all-consuming lust, pretending to love and respect her, but quietly plotting to seize control of the Red Eyes of Rylai.

One night the Master took Sadira to a secret chamber in the caverns and showed her a beautiful gilded throne. This was the place where she came and meditated. She told her pupil that one day Sadira might sit in this chair, but that first she would have to earn the position of master through bravery and sacrifices. She would also have to learn to temper her recklessness. Eventually, the Master explained, the two would have a ceremonial fight in front of all the members of the Red Eyes and, if Sadira was victorious, then and only then would she be handed the spider necklace and the throne. Sadira pretended to accept these words, bowing low - then without warning, she lashed out with a hidden poisoned blade, slicing the Master across the cheek. Dropping to her knees, the Master grinned hideously, then with her final utterance said, “The spider has found its true home.” Sadira took the necklace from the Master's corpse and put it around her own neck. The spider on the necklace came alive, burrowing deep into her flesh and coming to rest next to her heart. This was how Sadira came to manipulate strings of spider thread and rule the Red Eyes of Rylai.


The KI2 Master

  • The old man figure who teaches you in training mode in Killer Instinct Gold is also called "The Master" in the game manual. Whether this is a coincidence or not is unknown.