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The Dragon Spirit was a narrative released on the official Killer Instinct website to serve as a rebooted backstory for Kim Wu in Killer Instinct (2013).

Kim Wu's Story[edit | edit source]

Born in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown, the half-Chinese and half-Korean Kim Wu grew up steeped in the arts of Kung Fu. Instructed by her beloved uncle—trained in the alley right behind his shop—Kim was told from an early age that she would one day help save the world from some great calamity. But the teenager was far more concerned about making it through design school and getting a job in the fashion industry than worrying about potential cataclysms. In her spare time, she helped run the family kite shop, keeping a watchful eye on her spectacularly lazy twin cousins.

Everything changed after her uncle passed away, leaving Kim an antique box carved with a dragon motif. Contained within this relic was the Dragon Spirit—a benevolent Astral being that had joined with one of Kim’s ancestors thousands of years ago; and that had been passed down through the family line ever since. Manifesting as a set of golden nunchaku (chain stick weapons), the Dragon Spirit bonded with Kim just in time to help her face Shadow Jago—a demon sent by the Shadow Lord Gargos. Dueling with Shadow Jago in the alley where she’d trained as a child, Kim quickly learned to wield the Dragon’s incredible powers, defeating the demon.

Soon after Kim was visited by the real Jago who asked her to join a newly formed Alliance formed to oppose Gargos’ coming invasion. Before Kim could respond, Jago was drawn into a portal and vanished, only to return minutes later on the verge of death. But Jago was not alone: he was followed through the dimensional rift by an exact duplicate of Kim—one of Gargos’ Mimic fighters. The real Kim defeated this doppelgänger, and the fallen creature left behind several Astral relics.

But just when Kim thought things couldn’t get any crazier, she was teleported to an ancient temple in an African desert—the lair of the nefarious sorcerer Kan-Ra. Encouraging her to trade the Astral relics in her possession for a potion to cure Jago, Kim agreed and was returned to her alley with the elixir. After bringing Jago back to life Kim decided to join the Alliance of former Killer Instinct fighters and Ultratech minions. And now she must prove if she is truly worthy of her strange inheritance; and if she can save the world.

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