The Coven is a cabal of Russian vampires who work to further their own goals and interests, spreading darkness and engaging in organized crime in order to increase their power and influence in the world. They are being led by a mysterious Russian vampire master known only as the "True Tsar", who has seemingly pledged The Coven's allegiance to the Shadow Lord Gargos. They are known to have Wendigos as their guardians and servants.

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The Coven was formed hundreds of years ago by vampires, for vampires. They have existed and acted up until even the 21st century, during this time establishing a rivalry with the Night Guard who hunted them mercilessly.

At some point in time, the Coven lured the two Night Guard warriors and twin sisters Maya and Mira to the Ural Mountains of Siberia in order to ambush them. Mira attempted to dispose of the explosive trap to save her sister, but she was buried in the rubble and presumed to have died in the incident. Alive but on the brink of death, the vampires found Mira and took her to their Tsar, who infused her with his dark elixir and bound her to him--body and soul. After an agonizing few days in prison, Mira's transformation from a human woman to an undead hunter of the night was complete, and she returned as a powerful and dangerous new member of the Coven's ranks, becoming the lieutenant of the True Tsar.

During a mission to retrieve an artifact from the von Sabrewulf family's seemingly abandoned manor for the Coven, Mira became entangled in a battle between Sabrewulf, Aganos, and Thunder. She managed to escape the chaos with the artifact, thanks to the intervention of Porfiry and a pack of wendigoes.

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