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The Skull Chamber (also called the Skull Room, the Skull Dungeon or Spinal's Lair) is a secret stage in the original Killer Instinct game. It can be an alternate stage for Spinal and/or Eyedol.


This stage takes place in some sort of secret chamber or dungeon, complete with torches, arches, and the namesake skulls covering the walls, littering the floor, and hanging above the ceiling in chains and/or hooks.


  • Although this stage is stated to be either one of Eyedol's stages (due to his theme predominantly playing) or Spinal's true lair, it is unknown if this stage is located in an Ultratech-owned location (such as Eyedol's Lair or the Warehouse Basement, both of which serve as the final stage to defeat the warlord) for the Killer Instinct tournament or if it's another hidden area within Sabrewulf's castle residence.