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The Shadow Tiger's Lair is Shadow Jago's, and eventually bonus character Omen's, stage in Killer Instinct (2013). It is the ninth stage to be introduced in the game, and is the only hidden stage in Season One, which can be unlocked by beating Shadow Jago in the season's Arcade Mode.


Season One[]

Shadow Tiger's Lair is virtually identical to the Tiger's Lair for Jago, save for the much darker colors and fog rolling on the floor. The exact same Ultra Combo sequence also occurs.

Season Two[]

The Season Two incarnation of Shadow Tiger's Lair appears to be visually unchanged, but it has been given its own musical track and Ultra Combo instrumentation to account for its new owner.


Since Season 2, the song "Herald of Gargos" is played for both Omen & Shadow Jago. A "remix" of Jago's 2013 theme "The Tiger Warrior", instead of the calm and meditative Tibetan monk music, this theme possesses a fast-paced death metal sound. The throat-singing chants have been replaced with death growls and screaming, while still keeping the gibberish and phonetic lyrics of the original piece.

The stage's idle theme stays the same (except a bit intense than the previous), but the track's dynamic riffs now include a sample of Gargos' theme, "Dungeon".

Vocals for the theme were performed by singer Christopher de Leon, which go for a more demonic sounding version of Jago's original harmony.


Killer Instinct- Omen Theme (Complete Edited Version)


  • Shadow Tiger's Lair is, so far, the only stage to have belonged to two characters in Season One. In Season Three, it had been (temporarily) changed...
  • In Shadow Lords Mode, The Shadow Tiger's Lair was located in Sahara Region despite that it is the same place as Tiger's Lair which is located in Himalayas.
    • Futhermore, The Shadow Tiger's Lair is directly linked to the Astral Plane, increasing Gargos' influence on Earth, and on Jago. Storywise, as it is tied to the Astral Plane, it may just be an illusion recreating the Tiger's Lair as a symbol of Gargos' might.