Ryat Adams was the founder of Ultratech and acted as its CEO from 1948 up until his death. He is the creator of ARIA.

Story Edit

In 1947, a mysterious government incident revealed strange foreign insight and opened the door to a new age of technology processing. In secret, Ryat got a hold of these insights and used them to found and create the Ultrafine Atomic Technologies Company, which was later rebranded as Ultratech. An industrialist and philanthropist by heart, Adams worked fervently to advance the human condition as much as possible, creating life-enhancing technologies, aiding in the creation of new power source technologies, and administering vaccines all over the world. His wife suffered from a crippling illness, and she was a large part of the reason why Ryat promised he would rid the world of disease, poverty, and war. Not only that, but Adams had lived through the horrors of World War II and knew of how truly fragile and evil humankind could become if not kept in check, and he was determined to not let chaos reign like it once did.

The world's first artificial superintelligence, ARIA, was the headpiece of his work, and Adams ensured that the AI was put through a process of recursive self-improvement in order to make ARIA the most intelligent and advanced leader the world had ever known. Ryat also believed ARIA would be able to discover and synthesize a cure for his wife's mysterious ailment - unfortunately, it was not so, and she passed away. Although his life was nearing its end as well, Adams kept his faith in ARIA's potential, knowing the AI would continue to self-improve long after his death.

From Ryat's death onwards, ARIA's objectives have remained the same: To protect and evolve humanity - no matter what the cost.

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