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Two members of the Red Eyes

The Red Eyes of Rylai, informally referred to as simply the Red Eyes, is a clan of exclusively female assassins based out of Thailand. It is currently led by Sadira, and they were formerly in an alliance with Ultratech until ARIA's betrayal, at which point, they shifted their alliegence to the Shadow Lord Gargos. They appear to have a significant spider motif and dwell within caverns and caves.




The Red Eyes were formed at an unknown point in time, but existed and acted prominently during the Communist insurgency in Myanmar during the 1980s. Around this time, they recruited Sadira, a teenage Thai girl who they found in a refugee camp, among other fearsome killers. The Master took a liking to Sadira and personally took her under her wing - however, the ambitious young woman backstabbed the Master and took the throne as the new head of the Red Eyes. The Red Eyes thrived under Sadira's ruthless leadership.

In the 21st century, Ultratech hired Sadira and the Red Eyes to assist in their clandestine operations, such as espionage and assassination. Sadira worked fervently as one of ARIA's top lieutenants - unfortunately, Ultratech's opponents during this time were more powerful than ever and Sadira was not as successful as usual. ARIA grew bored and disappointed with her and had Cinder quite literally "fire" her, though Sadira swore revenge. This led to the group falling in with Gargos and aiding his invasion, though Sadira quickly saw the err of her ways and fought against him instead.


  • In Sadira's trailer, several members of the Red Eyes are showcased in the backdrop of Assassin's Cave. They are not present in the actual game. They also all use a modified version of Sadira's original design, which was reworked before the trailer.