Bow before the herald of Gargos!

—Omen's introduction quote, also used in Riptor's trailer

Omen is a demon herald of Gargos and the secondary antagonist in Killer Instinct (2013). He is a bonus character in Season 2 (the 5th character of the season and the 14th overall), and is the dark spirit that had possessed the warrior Jago, turning him into Shadow Jago. He is a loyal servant of the astral deity Gargos, and has been given the special duty of preparing the world for the return of his master.

He is the only character of Season 2 to not have his own Rivals Mode story (or even a rival for that matter) - however, he does make an appearance in several others' as an opponent. In Season 3, several other Omens appear as servants of Gargos in Shadow Lords mode, and defeating each one will weaken Gargos in the coming battle.


Appearance Edit

Omen's relatively simple design bears a resemblance to Cinder from the original Killer Instinct. His appearance is that of a human silhouette, consisting of a strange, shadowy-blue fog, transitioning into a bright, white color around his face, fingers, and toes. Electricity seems to indefinitely crackle along his body. When attacking, the high speeds create thin, white streaks that trail behind his fingers and toes. Inside of his thoracic cavity is a ribcage-like structure composed of tubes simliar to blood vessels, and, occasionally, a deep blue image of a human heart flashes from deep inside. These "blood vessels" extend from his chest and run down his arms and legs, similarly to a skeleton. His face is similar in appearance to a traditional, Japanese oni mask (specifically of the jya variety), with two horns and a despondent expression. When flying and performing his signature Demonic Despair attack, he manifests wings similar to those of Gargos, his master.

Personality Edit


For they are Legion...

Omen is a freakishly loyal servant of Gargos who follows his master’s every beck and call, no matter what. He exists only to serve, and does his job as effectively as possible. However, unlike the mindless monster Shadow Jago, Omen is very aware of his decisions and has a conscious personality. He is a cocky and arrogant individual who has the utmost confidence in both the abilities of himself and his master. He is very familiar with the hearts of humans, knowing exactly which buttons to press in order to break them, especially Jago, whose body he has even managed to take control of. He has also tempted Sadira into entering the darkness of Gargos, though to what extent is unknown. Interestingly enough, Omen himself has felt a pull away from Gargos’ influence. During his time in control of Jago’s body he could feel things he could never feel before, such as love, hatred, despair, and joy. Ever since he was expelled and put back into his winged energy form he has craved to feel those sensations again, and now feels that there may be more to existing than simple servitude.

Abilities Edit

Omen can control and manipulate shadow energy, which is mainly provided to him by Gargos. He has an unpredictable and frantic fighting style with awkward kicks and swipes due to his unfamiliarity with having a corporeal form, though he makes up for this with his ability to fly using his wings and attack with the confusing Rashakuken fireballs.

Concept Edit

Omen was sort of a planning state for Cinder, as Iron Galaxy wondered how exactly to make a fighter made of pure flowing energy for Season 2.

Omen's character model is essentially a reworked Jago, with massive cosmetic changes and a different stance, yet a few of his moves have also been taken from Sabrewulf. And Omen is the only fighter as of yet to not receive a retro costume and colors 7-9 (the latter of which later became available during post-Season 3), with the only other exception being Shadow Jago, who has all 11 colors (9 standard ones and 2 bonus ones) but has no costume or accessories.

Story Edit

Omen's goal was initially to possess and corrupt the soul of Jago and transform him into a mindless follower of Gargos. However, he failed to do this and was forced to retreat. It is currently unknown how long he had been dwelling within and how long Jago had been struggling against his influence.

Now freed, the Herald of Gargos has drawn enough power through his battles as Shadow Jago to manifest physically on the mortal plane. He is corruption, fear, and rage given form. He is the right hand of his master’s will. He is the sign of the darkness to come. He is shadow energy incarnate. He is Omen!

Extended Story Edit

The Herald of Gargos:

Main article: The Herald of Gargos


Unique Trait - Triple Shadow Meter: Omen's Shadow Meter is split up into three stocks rather than the regular two - however, it fills up just as quickly as any other Shadow Meter. This gives Omen quicker access to abilities that require Shadow Meter stocks.

Combo Trait - Demon Loop: Omen can follow up any auto-double with another auto-double of the immediate higher strength (Light to Medium to Heavy back to Light, etc.) Every time a Demon Loop “cycle” is completed, Omen locks out one stock on the opponent’s Shadow Meter for five seconds.

Instinct Mode - Shadow Gathering: Omen’s Rashakukens fire one extra projectile at each strength, while Shadow Rashakuken and Shadow Orda Shield spawn five projectiles instead of three. For every Rashakuken that hits an opponent, one stock on their Shadow Meter is locked out for five seconds.

Command Attacks Edit

  • Furious Swipes - (Forward+HP) - Omen advances with two wild swipes. Similar to Sabrewulf's Ragged Edge.
  • Demon Glide - (Forward-Forward, midair) - Omen sprouts wings and glides forwards, swooping low to the ground.
  • Demon Retreat - (Back-Back, midair) - Omen sprouts wings and glides backwards slightly.
  • Throw - (Forward or back+LP+LK) - Omen grabs his opponent and then straight kicks them away.

Special Moves Edit

  • Rashakuken - (QCF+P) - Omen throws a ball of dark energy with randomized properties and behavior. Acts as an ender. Light punch fires one Rashakuken, Medium fires two consecutive Rashakukens, and Heavy fires three. There are eleven potential patterns for the Rashakukens to follow:
    • Accelerator - Starts very slow before greatly speeding up as it travels.
    • Anti-air - Fires at a 30-degree angle into the air.
    • Boomerang - Fires outward before circling back and leaving the screen behind Omen.
    • Bullet - Rockets across the screen at maximum velocity from start to finish.
    • Crawler - Drops at Omen's feet before sliding towards the opponent along the ground.
    • Decelerator - Flies very fast before coming to a complete stop about halfway across the screen.
    • Dud - Flies out of Omen's hands directly into the ground, about one character length away.
    • Looper - Travels in a circular looping pattern that speeds up as it moves across the screen.
    • Tracker - Homes in on the opponent until it hits or times out, moves very slowly.
    • Wave - Slowly moves in a sine wave pattern across the screen.
    • Wiggler - Moves side-to-side in front of Omen five times before disappearing.
  • Demon Slide - (QCB+K) - Omen performs a quick sliding kick along the ground. Acts as an opener, linker, and ender. Visually similar to Orchid's Blockade Runner and Shadow Jago's Dark Drift.
  • Furious Flurry - (QCF+K) - Omen rapidly kicks four times with one leg. Acts as an opener, linker, and ender.
  • Orda Shield - (QCB+P) - Omen swings a single Rashakuken ball over his head. Acts as an ender. Visually similar to Sabrewulf's Eclipse.

Shadow Moves Edit

  • Shadow Rashakuken - (QCF+P+P) - Omen summons three Rashakuken balls behind him that pause before flying forwards. Summons five Rashakukens when used during Instinct Mode.
  • Shadow Demon Slide - (QCB+K+K) - Omen performs a sliding kick along the ground that hits five times, ending up on the opposite side of the opponent. Acts as an opener, linker, and ender.
  • Shadow Furious Flurry - (QCF+K+K) - Omen rapidly kicks four times with one leg, shooting a Rashakuken ball with each kick. Acts as an opener, linker, and ender.
  • Shadow Orda Shield - (QCB+P+P) - Omen summons a barrier of three Rashakuken balls that rotate around him. Can be used a second time to stack the Rashakukens and cause them to increase in size. Summons five Rashakukens when used during Instinct Mode.
  • Shadow Form - (LK+MK+HK) - Omen becomes intangible and shifts through reality, moving a short distance. During Shadow Form he can travel through opponents and projectiles.
  • Demonic Despair - (QCF+LP+LK) - Omen grabs the opponent, holds them up in the air, and fires a massive laser through them from the ground. Deals 100% potential damage. Requires all three Shadow Meter bars to execute.


Main article: Shadow Tiger's Lair

Similarity of both Tiger Shrine (KI) and Bridge (KI2), but a darker setting

During an Ultra Combo, the lair will collapse, and the rope that holds the bell in place collapse, causing the bell to crash onto the bridge which leads the entrance to the lair.

Ultra Combo Hits: 26 Hits

Ultimate Combo:

  • TBA

Trivia: His theme is a heavy metal remix of Jago's theme "The Tiger Warrior", including a much faster tempo and death growls instead of traditional chanting.

In his dynamic theme, a remix of his master Gargos' theme "Dungeon" will play. He shares this theme with Shadow Jago.

During the slow music due to the characters not moving, the samples from Jago's classic themes, "Do It Now!" and "Bridge" will play.

Quotes Edit

Weak vessel. You were to herald my master's return, but you proved too... incorruptible. But your conflict gave me strength, and your resistance has given me... freedom. Woe to those who stand against me, for I am his herald and the sign of things to come. I. Am. Omen!

—Omen in his trailer

I may be defeated, monk, but more like me shall follow. And even then, we are but a glimpse of what's to come.

—Omen upon being cast out of Jago's body

Foolish child. Do you think you stand a chance against the might of Gargos?

—Omen (through Shadow Jago) taunting Kim Wu


—Omen activating Instinct Mode

Trivia Edit

  • Based on his time possessing Jago, Omen has obtained a few moves from the warrior-monk, such as his Endokuken/Shendokuken and the Dark Drift sliding kick.
  • Omen's Furious Flurry is similar to Street Fighter's Chun-Li's Hyakuretsukyaku (commonly known as her Lightning Legs).
    • Similarly, his Shadow Orda Shield is similar to Rose's Soul Satellite special move.
    • Finally, his Rashakuken is similar to Akuma's/Gouki's Gohadoken.
  • As stated above, Omen is the only Season 2 character to not receive an official Rivals Mode story, nor an official story description that describes his overall character, same with the Season 1 bonus character and boss, Shadow Jago (who, at the time, was merely an extra skin for Jago and not his actual character until December 2015)
  • According to a tweet from the KI 2013 developers, Omen is (more or less) NOT a "remix" fighter like Shadow Jago as well as post-Season 3 fighters Kilgore and Shin Hisako, nor is he "a full on character, either"; he was strictly a Bonus character in Season 2.
    • Hence, this is the reason why Omen will not receive a Retro costume in the game for the forseeable future.


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