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A Mimic taking the shape of Fulgore

You were created by a lesser god in a lesser realm! 

—A mimic's flavor talk in Shadow Lords

The Mimics are the lesser servants of Gargos that take on the shapes of other beings. They are the basic enemies that are most commonly faced in Shadow Lords mode. During the events of Shadow Lords, the Mimics run rampant across the Earth as their master begins to appear, taking the shapes of the fighters of the Killer Instinct universe and wreaking havoc. They appear as green-colored clones of existing beings that are surrounded with a green haze, and their name by their health bar that is also green.

By defeating a Mimic, a fighter can earn prizes and buffs that will come in handy for the upcoming battle with Gargos.

Shadows[edit | edit source]

A Kan-Ra Shadow appears, desiring chaos

Shadows are optional challenges which will periodically appear during a Shadow Lords campaign playthrough. Shadows are unique in that they are not based on the game's default AI as Mimics are, but rather on the play style of real-life players who have uploaded their gaming data to the Shadow Lab server. The difficulty level of a Shadow may consequently range from "casual" to "pro gamer". Defeating a Shadow will cause corruption to be lowered dramatically in a continent, and will earn the player extra shadow points as well as special rewards.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the Mimic and Shadow fighters themselves are exclusive to the Shadow Lords gameplay mode, players can unlock their skins for all modes by either in-mode play (i.e. beating them in a certain amount of requirements) or by purchasing them from the in-game store using KI Gold currency.

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