Knockdown Value is a system put in place in Killer Instinct 2013 to prevent the infinite combos that the original Killer Instinct was so notorious for. Each move has a specific knockdown value: light auto doubles/linkers build the most KV meter as they are the hardest to react to and Combo Break, heavy auto doubles/linkers build the least since they are the easiest to break on reaction, and medium auto doubles/linkers meet somewhere in the middle. Shadow Linkers add nothing to the KV meter, allowing you to build up the level of your ender and extend your combo, although they can still be Shadow Broken. It is for this reason that you must balance damage, predictability, combo length, and ease of Combo Breaking. In addition, players can use Manuals, a delayed double which results in a single hit, making it difficult to break out of and reduces how much KV meter it builds. When your KV meter reaches 100 or more without using a Combo Ender, a blowout will occur forcing you to drop your combo, leaving your opponent with a lot of white life (potential damage left behind that quickly recovers). You can reset the KV meter in two ways: through an Instinct Cancel or a Counter Breaker. These essentially allow you to extend your combo even further. The level of ender is denoted by the 4 bars underneath the KV meter. Depending on when you end the combo, your ender will do more or less hits based on those bars (1 bar being the least damaging, 4 bars being the most damaging).



KV meter (1 bar underneath means when ended this combo will have a lvl 1 ender)


Jago counter breaking Sabrewulf and resetting the KV meter


A combo comprised of light auto doubles and linkers is hard to break but is not the most damaging

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