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Killer Instinct Special #2: Fire and Ice is the second issue of a series of three special comics based on the classic Killer Instinct universe, continuing off of the story established by the first three issues. It was released in the October of 1996.


The story moves back in time to explain the history of Glacius, and how he came to be involved with Ultratech. His spacecraft, struck by asteroids, crash-lands near a mountainous ski lodge in California. That night he enters a closed department store and begins to explore, but is discovered by the town sheriff alongside several Ultratech employees who had been searching for the cause of the crash. They take Glacius into custody and bring him back to Ultratech headquarters.

Glacius is contained and studied by Ultratech, and eventually meets the Chairman. The Chairman offers him a chance to participate in the Killer Instinct tournament for his freedom, and he really has no other choice. Glacius is then introduced by Maddox to Cinder, who is to be his personal instructor before the tournament - although reluctant at first, under the fiery fighter's tutelage Glacius quickly becomes a vicious warrior. During their time together Cinder explains his past as a petty criminal transformed into a being of flame by a freak accident. However, because of his focus on his story he doesn't move around enough to even out his flames, setting off the training room's anti-fire sprinkler system and threatening to put him out. Glacius attempts to block him from the water with his icy body, but the ice makes it worse. Orchid and several others enter the room to shut off the water and Cinder storms off in anger, frustrated with Glacius' attempt to help and threatening to kill him if they ever face off in the tournament.

Throughout the next few days Glacius pummels all of his competition, defeating Sabrewulf, Thunder, Riptor, TJ Combo, and even Spinal in the final match. Ultratech takes him and some of the other fighters back to his ship's crash site to witness Glacius' retrieval by his people - however, the alien grows suspicious of the vast array of machinery Ultratech brought as well. Once a ship appears to pick Glacius up Ultratech reveals its weaponry and opens fire. Disgusted by the dishonesty, Cinder begins to destroy the weapons, and Glacius and several other fighters join him. However, Cinder is hit by a tank shot and is fatally wounded. Glacius embraces his wounded body, telling him that his ice will be able to provide him the release he desires, and Cinder tearfully thanks him before disappearing in a rocket of fire. The battle begins to slow, and Glacius looks upon the carnage wondering how his people will now deal with the humans.