Killer Instinct Special #1: Tiger Fury is the first issue of a series of three special comics based on the classic Killer Instinct universe, continuing off of the story established by the first three issues. It was released on September of 1996.

Summary Edit

The story begins during a match between Jago and Riptor, taking place the day after a match with Sabrewulf he had undergone a while ago. Still wounded from the battle from yesterday, Jago finds himself at a serious disadvantage and loses the battle to Riptor. Orchid, who was watching from the sides with TJ Combo and Thunder, leaps into the arena and saves his life from the savage dinosaur until the medics arrive. The wound Jago received from Sabrewulf had apparently become badly infected, and when Orchid talks to the human Sabrewulf about it, he speculates that Jago is likely suffering from early effects of lycanthropy. Fortunately, Ultratech told him that they have a cure to lycanthropy that they promised him as a victory prize for the tournament, and Orchid decides to go talk to the newly hired chairman of Ultratech: Director Howard.

Director Howard is in his office when his secretary Kara informs him someone is there to see him - though he denies their entry, the figure enters anyways, revealing himself as the old Chairman of Ultratech. Kara also appears, blasting Howard with a laser gun and killing him. The old Chairman takes back his position, but Orchid arrives, confused and demanding the cure. The Chairman ignores her, and Orchid storms off.

The next day Orchid and Sabrewulf briefly meet and discuss the cure, and also delve slightly into each other's personal lives, including family. That night a match is going on between Thunder and Cinder, and during it Orchid and Sabrewulf sneak through the catacombs of Ultratech in search of the cure on their own - however, they are encountered by Kara with two Riptors at her side. She sends the Riptors to attack the pair, but they manage to defeat them. In a rush of excitement Sabrewulf finds the cure and snatches it, downing the entire flask before Kara reveals that it was actually a growth formula. Sabrewulf grows over twice his original size and his body is coated in green slime, and he crashes through the walls and storms off into the street. Enraged, Orchid beats Kara to a pulp and returns to Jago's hospital room, where he has already begun to grow hair and transform into a werewolf.

Still frustrated, Orchid is granted her wish of being able to remove Jago's mask before a respirator is placed on him, recognizing a birthmark on his face just before he is entirely consumed with lupine fur. Orchid finally puts it together that Jago is truly her lost brother.

Trivia Edit

  • This comic marks the first time Sabrewulf in his human form was ever fully revealed.
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