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Killer Instinct Season 3: Original Soundtrack is a digital album that was released on October 25, 2016, by Microsoft Studios Music.[1] It was released on digital platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. The OST serves as a follow-up to the 2 previous soundtracks of Killer Instinct (2013), and contains the official tracks for the game's Season 3 released in March 2016.


Standard Tracks[]

  1. A Warrior's Journey (Shadow Lords Trailer Theme) - 2:08
  2. The Dragon Spirit (ft. Rami Seo & Hoona Kim) (Kim Wu's theme) - 5:17
  3. For the Horde! (General RAAM's theme) - 5:08
  4. Enter the Battletoad (Rash's theme) - 4:24
  5. Kneel to Your God (Gargos' theme) - 5:25
  6. Nocturne in Blood (ft. Jeanette Vecchione) (Mira's theme) - 4:27
  7. The Champion of Sanghelios (Arbiter's theme) - 5:42
  8. The Watchman of the Gods (Tusk's theme) - 4:49
  9. A Shattered Eyedol (Eyedol's theme) - 4:58

Post-Season 3 Bonus Tracks[]

NOTE: Each track sold separately on any and all digital platforms

  1. CCIX (Kilgore's Theme)[2] - 6:31
  2. Shin Hisako (Shin Hisako's Theme)[3] - 5:55
  3. An Eagle's Call (Eagle's Theme)[4] - 5:34


  • "A Shattered Eyedol" is the only S3 track that doesn't use guitars in any form.
  • This is, by far, the shortest Killer Instinct (2013) soundtrack, ranging at only 9 songs (including 8 character themes).
    • That is because this soundtrack, unlike the previous two 2013 OSTs, doesn't include any extra tracks that are remastered songs from previous Killer Cuts/Gold Cuts tracks.
      • This is also the shortest KI 2013 soundtrack in album length, when counting only the original songs and not the remastered ones (and the bonus song demos).
  • This is the first KI 2013 soundtrack that composer Mick Gordon is not involved in.
    • Although former KI composer Robin Beanland is still involved in spirit during some of the character's idle and/or remixed classic themes.
  • Since the release of the Season 3 update patch 3.6 on December 20, 2016, the themes of Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle are not included in this soundtrack as of yet.
    • Celldweller later confirmed in a tweet that the remaining tracks would be available for download on August 25, 2017.


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