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Killer Instinct #4 is the fourth of the six issues of the rebooted Killer Instinct series. It was released on December of 2017.


Kim Wu, Jago and Tusk join forces to seek out the war-golem Aganos and the location of the legendary Lost Forge. Here is the only place on Earth where they can gain access to the Astral Plane-the dimension where someone or something is draining the powers of the Guardian Spirits. Kim Wu and her companions are unaware, however, that the Coven is tracking their every move, bent on slaying them before they can cross over.


Jago, Tusk, and Kim Wu head to the Greek island of Akeso to find Aganos. They run into Kan-Ra, who reveals that Aganos has been resting in hibernation in order to save his powers. He explains his and Aganos' history together, including Kan-Ra's assassination of the king who took him in. Kan-Ra awakens Aganos and is instantly pummeled by the golem.

Elsewere, the Coven detects the heroes' collective presence. The True Tsar decides it's a good opportunity to wipe them all out at once and fires a missile to destroy the entire island.

Kan-Ra continues to try to reason with Aganos, but to no avail. Eventually Kim Wu steps in, helping Aganos realize that they all need his help. Aganos silently leads them to the Lost Forge, which they can use to travel to the source of the energy theft. To do this they require Aganos' Eye of the Ancients, which he willingly removes from his forehead.