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Killer Instinct #3 is the third of the six issues of the rebooted Killer Instinct series. It was released on November of 2017.


Jago is under attack by the Coven’s wendigo army – but the unexpected arrival of Tusk turns the tide of the battle! The two warriors compare notes – and decided to investigate the loss of their guardian spirits! Meanwhile, the ancient sorcerer Kan-Ra begins his own investigations...


Jago is surrounded by Mira and the Coven's vampires and wendigoes. Fortunately, he is saved by the arrival of Tusk on a motorcycle, who kills the Coven agents and forces Mira to flee. Tusk explains that he felt the power of his sword Warg-gram waning, and that the Earth is vulnerable while he and the other guardians are weakened. The two set off to investigate the mystery.

Meanwhile, Cinder fights against ARIA's personal Fulgore bodyguards and destroys them. He is chided by the True Tsar for his recklessness, who has appeared to take Ultratech for himself. The Tsar offers Cinder a position with the Coven if he hands over Ultratech, which Cinder casually accepts.

Kan-Ra attempts to discover who is responsible for stealing the energy of the Earth and its guardians, but is repulsed by a lock of sorts. He decides to locate the Lost Forge instead, an ancient gateway to other worlds.

Jago and Tusk head to Seattle to find Kim Wu. They inform her of the situation and ask her to help find Aganos with them, which she accepts.