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Killer Instinct #2 is the second of the six issues of the rebooted Killer Instinct series. It was released on October of 2017.


With the nations of the Earth still in chaos, The Coven—the secret society of Russian vampires—are eager to fill the power vacuum following the fall of the evil Shadow Lord, Gargos. Their leader, the Vampire Tsar, has a hunger for the mega-corporation Ultratech – but the corporation’s CEO—the artificial intelligence, ARIA—is not in the mood for a hostile takeover. Meanwhile the warrior Jago has renounced violence—but how long that will last when the Vampire Tsar's Wendigo assassins catch up with him?


In a Coven hideout deep in the Ural Mountains, the True Tsar feasts on a woman's blood. He recounts his plan to gain the trust of humanity during this time of weakness, but admits that he needs Ultratech's technology to do so and will have to destroy ARIA to ensure his superiority.

Meanwhile, ARIA encounters Glacius at the Pinnacle, who has come to arrest her for violating galactic laws. ARIA fights and nearly defeats Glacius, but is stopped by Eagle. Together they destroy ARIA's body, but her intelligence escapes, and Cinder arrives to cause some trouble himself. Cinder forces Glacius and Eagle to flee before telling ARIA that he'll be leading Ultratech in her absence.

Back at the Coven's hideout, the True Tsar is informed that the Pinnacle's defenses have been severely weakened by some event. Additionally, another one of the world's guardians has been located.

Jago has renounced violence and taken up a new life as a farm-hand in the countryside. However, the farm is attacked by the Coven, and although he fights hard, Jago is overwhelmed and approached by Mira.