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Killer Instinct #2: Tiger Bomb is the second issue of a series of three comics based on the classic Killer Instinct universe. It was released in the July of 1996.


The story opens with Orchid infiltrating the Chairman of Ultratech's office to find out his true plans, and to find information on the mysterious murder of her friend, Fern. Here she stumbles upon data concerning the Fulgores, and decides that the best way to study the robot would be to fight the machine first-hand, and she plans to join the Killer Instinct tournament.

Orchid's first match is against Thunder, which Jago witnesses, having entered the tournament himself as well. Orchid just barely defeats Thunder, though refuses to finish him off, and in her rush out of the arena Jago suddenly appears to question her. She brushes him off and heads on her way. Meanwhile, Ultratech's Chairman heads to check on the Limbo Project, and although his confused workers aren't even sure what it is, he assures them that it will destroy anyone who stands in Ultratech's way.

Jago enters his second match of the tournament, where he is faced with Sabrewulf - although at first it seems like he has lost, he wins with a final surprise attack. Sabrewulf begs for death, but Jago does not give it to him. TJ Combo, watching from his hospital bed, notices this and is intrigued. Back in the Limbo Project chamber, the Chairman activates the massive machine, opening a portal that Eyedol emerges from. The Chairman welcomes him to the Earth and refers to him as "my master". Later that night, Jago, while meditating in his quarters, is visited by TJ, who is curious as to why Jago let Sabrewulf go. Jago claims that his journey is not about death, but only about testing himself - TJ, on the other hand, believes that life should be about raw power and being the very strongest.

The next day, Orchid is lined up to battle the deadly Fulgore prototype. The match is close, but Orchid wins when she transforms into the Firecat. Suddenly, the Chairman steps into the ring, claiming the match void since Orchid has been detected performing corporate espionage and illegal investigations. Excited to give his new ally a chance to show off his power, the Chairman releases Eyedol to teach Orchid a lesson.