Killer Instinct: Issue 1 (Comics)


Killer Instinct #1: Enemy of my Enemy is the first issue of a series of three comics based on the classic Killer Instinct universe. It was released in the June of 1996.


The story opens during the Killer Instinct tournament, where TJ Combo is in the middle of a brutal fight with Riptor. He pummels the dinosaur to death, winning his seventeenth consecutive match of the tournament, and is congratulated by the Chairman of Ultratech. The Chairman then consults with his assistant tech, telling her to bring TJ to meet him the following day before his next match. As the Chairman walks he speaks with another assistant, Maddox, and tells him of voices he has heard in his dreams that urge him to continue with the Fulgore and the Limbo Project.

A flashback occurs to yesterday morning, where TJ is meeting with the Chairman and the tech in his office to have his bionics re-calibrated and to discuss future matches, including a match with Spinal. During the procedure the tech takes the Chairman's passkey - Maddox witnesses this on the security cameras and is amused. Later that day TJ battles Spinal and narrowly escapes defeat at the hands of the ghoulish skeleton. Meanwhile, Jago speaks with the Tiger Spirit concerning the growing evil that is beginning to threaten the world.

The next day, when TJ is scheduled to meet with the Chairman, he is dismayed to learn that he will no longer have his bionics enhanced and that he is strong enough as is. Still addicted to the rush of power, TJ heads to a back alley business and angrily demands they do the work. Meanwhile, the Chairman shows his colleagues the latest prototype for the Fulgore, and when questioned by one of them, he shoves the man out of a window. He then moves back to the tournament, where the next match is about to occur.

TJ comes back for another match, where he finds his opponent is none other than Fulgore. TJ is almost instantly defeated by the brutal robot, and the Chairman is delighted by Fulgore's victory. Somewhere else, however, his tech has got big plans with that passkey she took.

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