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Killer Cuts original cover
Released August 30, 1995


Robin Beanland
Graeme Norgate

Killer Cuts is a soundtrack album released and packaged with the video game Killer Instinct on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in August 30, 1995.

It was followed up a year later with Killer Instinct Gold Cuts.


  1. K.I. Feeling (Orchid's stage remix) - 3:45
  2. The Way U Move - 3:58
  3. Controlling Transmission (Glacius' stage remix) - 3:56
  4. Oh Yeah (Thunder's stage remix) - 3:23
  5. It's A Jungle - 3:04
  6. Do It Now! (Jago's stage remix) - 3:55
  7. Full-bore (Fulgore's stage remix) - 3:16
  8. The Instinct (Main theme remix) - 4:53
  9. Yo Check This Out! (Combo's stage remix) - 1:36
  10. Freeze (Street stage remix) - 2:11
  11. Trailblazer (Cinder's stage remix) - 1:50
  12. Tooth & Claw (Sabrewulf's stage remix) - 3:09
  13. Ya Ha Haa (Spinal's stage remix) - 3:00
  14. Rumble (Riptor's stage remix) - 2:11
  15. The Extreme (Eyedol's stage remix) - 2:33
  • Tracks 16-29 are blank tracks lasting four seconds each (56 seconds in total) that lead into the hidden track 30, "Humiliation" (0:39).


  • Robin Beanland composes most of the tracks on the album, while Graeme Norgate is credited on tracks 3, 4, 6, and 7
    • Beanland also arranges most of the tracks, while Norgate arranges tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7
  • "K.I. Feeling" and "The Way U Move" features uncredited vocals by Faye Newborough
  • "The Way U Move" features uncredited vocals by Chris Sutherland
  • "Oh Yeah" features uncredited vocals by Ken Lobb


  • Despite being official tracks, the songs "The Way U Move" and "It's A Jungle" are not included in the original arcade version of Killer Instinct, nor the SNES version (and to an extent, the Game Boy version).
    • However, years later, "The Way U Move" would serve as the credits theme of the 2013 reboot game.
      • Also, "It's A Jungle" would be added as part of the reboot's practice mode, where the players can choose backgrounds for the training stage along with the themes represented in Killer Cuts-style-order, as shown here.
  • The second half of Eyedol's theme, "The Extreme", is the official credits theme for all versions of the original Killer Instinct, as well as the main theme "The Instinct".
    • Unfortunately, "The Instinct" was excluded from the credits of the Game Boy version, due to data storage issues.
  • The song "Freeze" is the only stage theme that does not (specifically) belong to any character on the original roster.


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