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For the Queen was a narrative released on the official Killer Instinct website to serve as a non-canon backstory for guest character General RAAM in Killer Instinct (2013).

The General's Story[]

Massive, cunning, and superhumanly strong, General RAAM is regarded as the original Locust super solider. The long trail of dead Gears and devastated cities he left in his bloody wake can only prove it.

RAAM began life as all Locust do — living in the depths of the Hollows as a common Drone. Through a mixture of guile, brutality, and genetic enhancement, he quickly became a member of the elite Theron Guard. From there, RAAM took control of the entire Locust Horde for Queen Myrrah. On the now-infamous Emergence Day, RAAM began his genocidal rampage across Sera.

Eschewing firearms an inaccurate and impersonal, RAAM often dispatches his enemies with a specialty forged serrated sword-like blade (a gift from his queen), which allows him to look his victims in the eyes as their life drains away.

One benefit of his genetic enhancements, beyond his incredible size and strength, is his unique ability to control the nocturnal creatures known as Kryll. Normally, Kryll swarm and devour anything — Locust or human — unfortunate enough to be caught in the dark, yet RAAM is somehow able to bend these small, deadly beast to his will. Often shrouding himself in a virtual suit of Kryll armor, RAAM commands his "piranha bats" to tear apart anything that displeases him, which is to say virtually everything.

To face General RAAM in battle is to face the worst of the monstrous Locust Horde — a supremely intelligent, brutally strong, utterly remorseless conqueror.

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