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The Dungeon is a stage featured in Killer Instinct 2/Gold. It is the area where the sequel's final boss, Gargos, is fought.


The stage is featured at the top of a castle or fortress, with the main part of the castle visible in the background along (with what appears to be) a statue of Sabrewulf, torches and a doorway into the interior of the castle itself.

Knockoff (Stage Ultra)[]

The victor uppercuts the loser off the platform, causing them to fall to their deaths in the pit below.

(NOTE: In the game's arcade mode, it is strictly mandatory to uppercut Gargos into the pit in order to defeat him, even when he has no health remaining, otherwise you will automatically lose, especially when the timer runs out.)



Related Stages[]

  • Sabrewulf's Castle - The titular residence where Sabrewulf is fought in KI2/Gold, and its surrounding areas: