Dojo mode was designed specifically for players new to fighting games to learn the basic principles such as spacing,meter management, proper projectile use to more complex subjects like interpretation of frame data, instinct cancels, proper use of combo/counter breakers.Takes place in a white training room with numerous grid lines to aid in learning spacing. The character in use here is Jago and it comes in the Free Version of Killer Instinct on Xbox One.

Training Mode

Any character can be selected in this mode, you can turn on hit/hurtboxes,frame data,as well as inputs and a table of move properties,AI behaviour is your standard affair block,jump,combo break etc. You can set parameter of behaviour for the AI and have the AI repeat that sequence of behaviours against you so you can practice specific setups or learn to counter moves that were providing trouble


  • Activate hitboxes in replay mode
  • Dojo mode