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The Disavowed is a rogue counterintelligence outfit that was founded by the Black Orchid after Ultratech engineered her dishonorable discharge from service at the Special Warfare Department of the US military. Orchid has since transitioned the group from a renegade network of operatives wrongfully disgraced by the corporation to a full-blown paramilitary resistance movement with global reach.

Engaged in guerrilla warfare against ARIA, the Disavowed not only amass proof of her influence but are strategically disrupting Ultratech's activities across the world. Due to its mobile base of operations and decentralized command structure, the organization is notoriously difficult to pin down, with ARIA's best intel suggesting Orchid's headquarters is currently located in a war-torn region somewhere in Eastern Europe.


  • The Black Orchid (founder and ringleader)
    • Jago (honorary member)
    • Eagle (Missing In Action)
    • Combo (presumably an honorary member)
  • Unknown numbers of ex-special forces personnel, renegade spooks and former covert operatives
    • Global support network of mercenaries, double agents and civilian sympathizers


Background & history[]

The Disavowed began as an underground refuge for covert agents whose careers were ruined by Ultratech after they grew too knowledgeable of the corporation's many dark secrets. Under B. Orchid's stewardship, the group rapidly expanded its capabilities and now features a core of former special forces members, ex-covert operatives and renegade spies; which is supported by a global network of mercs, informants and sympathizers.

Tracking each other down: ARIA's relentless efforts to find Orchid are being met with uneven success

Engaging in irregular warfare against ARIA, the Disavowed strike at Ultratech using every tool and maneuver available. Their objectives include creating a public relations nightmare for the company by releasing highly sensitive information to the public, guerrilla-style hit-and-run raids on the megacorporation's critical supply lines and infrastructure, and abductions of Ultratech's key personnel. Orchid makes it no secret that the Disavowed's endgame is to zero in on the location of ARIA's mainframe computer and shut it down—permanently.

Eagle was part of the fledgling Disavowed, but became imprisoned during a raid on an Ultratech facility and ARIA used his brain wave patterns as the basis for the Fulgore Mark III's AI. When Jago reunited with his half-sister at the end of Season 1, he became an honorary member of the organization. The Disavowed since formed ties with Maya and her Night Guard during Season 2, and have (very) begrudgingly agreed to a (really) shaky "Alliance" with Ultratech in Season 3, in response to the apocalyptic events unfolding during Shadow Lords. Whether this means ARIA and Orchid are actually safe from each other remains to be seen.


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