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The Desert Rooftop (also known as Cinder's Rooftop) is a stage from the original Killer Instinct. It is Cinder's combat stage.


The stage is set on the roof of some sort of industrial building located in a desert somewhere, with rising spires (either temples or far away buildings) seen in the background against a rising or setting sun with vultures occasionally seen flying about. Lava pools appear to surround the temple, with the fighters able to uppercut their opponent into them.

Knockoff (Stage Ultra)[]

The victor knocks the loser off of the rooftop, sending them splashing into the lava pool, incinerating/melting them offscreen.

The SNES version instead sends the loser fatally crashing down onto the building's surface offscreen.


  • This stage appeared differently in the SNES version, due to hardware limitations (i.e. the vultures and the lava pool are removed).
  • It is one of three different rooftop stages in the original game (including B.Orchid's Rooftop and Spinal's Rooftop).
  • In the arcade version, when the loser is knocked off the rooftop and into the lava pool, players can see a sign saying "LOBB land". This is a reference to Ken Lobb, the game designer for the original KI, and the (current) voice actor for Chief Thunder.