The Desert Rooftop (also known as Cinder's Rooftop) is a stage from the original Killer Instinct. It is Cinder's combat stage.


The stage is set on the roof of some sort of industrial building located in a desert somewhere, with rising spires (either temples or far away buildings) seen in the background against a rising or setting sun with vultures occasionally seen flying about. Lava pools appear to surround the temple, with the fighters able to uppercut their opponent into them.

Knockoff (Stage Ultra)

The victor knocks the loser off of the rooftop, sending them splashing into the lava pool, incinerating/melting them offscreen.

The SNES version instead sends the loser fatally crashing down onto the building's surface offscreen.


  • This stage appeared differently in the SNES version, due to hardware limitations (i.e. the vultures and the lava pool are removed).
  • It is one of three different rooftop stages in the original game (including B.Orchid's Rooftop and Spinal's Rooftop).
  • In the arcade version, when the loser is knocked off the rooftop and into the lava pool, players can see a sign saying "LOBB land". This is a reference to Ken Lobb, the game designer for the original KI, and the (current) voice actor for Chief Thunder.


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