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The Crash Site serves as Glacius' stage in Killer Instinct (2013). According to his bio, this is most likely where Glacius landed when he arrived on Earth.


The crashed ship itself lies in the background of the stage, which is an icy impact crater covered in snow. A harsh blizzard whips the area and the entire battlefield is covered in a thick layer of ice. During the fight, an alien device resembling a camera will come in and occasionally observe the fighters. Also, a parachuted crate (commonly known as an airdrop) will suddenly appear halfway during the battle and land in the icy background.

Ultra Combo

During an Ultra Combo, the ship's thrusters begin powering up, causing a sudden flurry of snow to blow up all around the fighters.


Glacius' brand new theme, "Shatterhail", is used as the background music for the Crash Site. It is heavy and electronic, its deep bass giving off a feeling very similar to dubstep. A light piano and eerie, high-pitched vocals reminiscent of a classic 70s alien movie are also present.

When the characters hold still for a certain amount of time, the music will change to a remixed version of Glacius' theme from the original Killer Instinct, "Controlling Transmission", as well as his classic Killer Instinct 2/Gold Theme, "Spaceship".


  • This stage is visually similar, both in theme and appearance, to Glacius' KI2 background stage, "Spaceship".
  • During the idle theme for this stage, a voice can be heard saying "We are controlling transmission", a reference to Glacius' theme from the original Killer Instinct. The voice is a cameo of Maximilian Christensen, known on YouTube and the fighting game community for his online channel, Maximilian Dood. A couple of years back, he sent composer Mick Gordon some voice tracks, one of which was used in the making of Glacius' new stage theme.