The City of Dawn serves as Maya's stage in Killer Instinct (2013). It is the eleventh stage to be introduced in the game, and the second stage introduced for Season 2.

It is very similar to the Jungle stage in KI2/Gold.


In the stage, we can see wood and plants around. At the background, a type of dam, a waterfall and mountains can seen, as well as the ruins of an ancient city. During an Ultra Combo, a lightning bolt can be seen crashing the mountains and the trees and the weather turns black. Gates also are noticed.


Killer Instinct- Maya Theme (Complete Edited Version)

Killer Instinct- Maya Theme (Complete Edited Version)

The song called "Temperance and Vengeance" is made by Mick Gordon with vocals by Ali Edwards who has done Orchid's theme for her stage. It is a hard-driving dance-club reboot of her original theme which manages to fit better with her stage. The pulse-pounding beats are accompanied by beautifully-sung lyrics that bring Enya to mind. The OST version makes the techno much more prominent, with the original natural instruments being veiled beneath the new Daft Punk-style synths.


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