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The Alchemical Lab serves as Sabrewulf's stage in Killer Instinct (2013). According to Sabrewulf's story, this is where he regrew his arms and researched the dark arts and rituals needed to stave off his madness.


The stage is located in a castle interior, with several lab equipment and devices strewn about, including an operating table, furnace, and electrical diode. A table holding several books is also seen and in the far left of the stage, several mechanical arms can been seen hanging from hooks. At the far right of the stage is a staircase. In the far background of the stage, more of the castle and the full moon can be seen.

During an Ultra Combo, the electrical diode begins discharging electricity, causing the lab equipment to go haywire and for the arms to jerk and spasm.


Sabrewulf's theme "Lycanthropy", composed by Mick Gordon, is the default background theme for this stage.

He describes it as being akin to Sabrewulf suddenly jumping into an orchestra pit and wreaking havoc while the orchestra frantically tries to play around him, giving it a very manic and unhinged feel.

When the players remain still for a certain amount of time, the music will change to a remixed version of the lycan's classic KI1 theme, "Tooth & Claw". On the OST version of this track, the idle theme even takes up a very substantial amount of time during the end, sounding even more haunting than before (and even melancholy, given the werewolf's long suffering), through the use of live instruments.


  • According to an article from Capsule Computers, the cybernetic arms that Sabrewulf tore off can be found hanging from the roof on the far left of this stage.
  • Alchemical Lab is also Mira's stage in Season Three as a placeholder.
  • In Season One, Spinal appeared in this stage at the end of Orchid's trailer.


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