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 Movelist Terminology

Directions are assumed facing to the right [→]
  • P: Any Punch
  • K: Any Kick
  • Charge: Hold the direction for at least 1 second
  • Long Charge: Hold the direction for at least 2 seconds
  • Hold: Hold the button for however long
  • Release: Release a held button

  • QP: Quick Punch
  • QK: Quick Kick
  • MP: Medium Punch
  • MK: Medium Kick
  • FP: Fierce Punch
  • FK: Fierce Kick

  • LP: Light Punch
  • LK: Light Kick
  • MP: Medium Punch
  • MK: Medium Kick
  • HP: Heavy Punch
  • HK: Heavy Kick
  • 2P: Any two Punches
  • 2K: Any two Kicks
  • 3P: All three Punches
  • 3K: All three Kicks

Killer Instinct (2013)[]

Combat Traits[]

Payload System Aganos can gather up to four stone chunks in his body, via Fortify Chunk or a Payload Assault ender. Each chunk acts as a single hit of armor (only when grounded) for defense during unsafe attacks. Each chunk also makes him heavier and slower, and he can spend the chunks in order to use certain moves.
Cyclopean Wall Aganos can use No Escape or Trapped to erect up to four temporary stone walls. These walls cannot be jumped over or teleported through, shrinking the stage's playable area. Walls deteriorate after two impacts, either from wall splat or when Aganos is knocked down.
Wall Crash Using Ruin, Shadow Ruin, or Domination, Aganos can smash the opponent through any walls he's erected. Each smashed wall deals a considerable amount of damage.

Command Attacks[]

Fortify Chunk [← + HP] Aganos grabs a chunk of earth and places it in his chest. If Aganos is already holding a Peacemaker, Aganos instead stuffs the club into himself to recycle it into a chunk.
No Escape [3P] (1 Chunk) Aganos slaps the ground, raising a stone wall behind the opponent. If Aganos is holding a Peacemaker, the club is converted into a wall instead. Holding [←] makes it Trapped, summoning the wall behind Aganos instead.
Flick [LP] Aganos flicks his fingers. Destroys projectiles. Also works while crouching.
Day Breaker [HP] Aganos throws a punch that causes stagger.
War Path [→ + HK] Aganos stomps forwards with one foot. Causes hard knockdown. Pressing [HK] again results in another stomp called Pressure, which can be followed by another continuously.
Peacemaker [← + 3P] (by wall) Aganos uproots the wall behind him to use as a club. Temporarily gives Aganos different normals, and breaks after three hits.
Throw [→/← + LP+LK] Aganos grabs the opponent by the head and slams them down.

Peacemaker Attacks[]

Dislocate [LP] (Peacemaker) Aganos swings his Peacemaker horizontally.
Fracture [MP] (Peacemaker) Aganos swings his Peacemaker horizontally the other way.
Cripple [HP] (Peacemaker) Aganos swings his Peacemaker overhead.
Entrench [↓ + HP] (Peacemaker) Aganos sweeps low with his Peacemaker.
Subdue [P] (air, Peacemaker) Aganos brings his Peacemaker down midair. Recaptures airborne opponents.
Domination [LP+LK] (Peacemaker) Aganos tosses the opponent into the air and bats them away. Can cause Wall Crash.
Relinquish [↓ ↘ → + P] (Peacemaker) Aganos throws his Peacemaker forwards. Destroys Peacemaker, but causes stagger and beats all other projectiles.

Special Moves[]

Payload Assault [↓ ↘ → + P] (1 Chunk) Aganos launches a stone chunk from his chest. Light version rolls along the ground, Medium launches in an arc, Heavy has Aganos punch the rock for a shotgun shrapnel attack.
Ruin [↓ ↙ ← + K] Aganos reels back and delivers a hefty punch. Can cause Wall Crash.
Pulverize [↓ ↙ ← + P] Aganos spins his upper body to punch three times. Button strength determines range.
Natural Disaster [↓ ↘ → + K] Aganos tucks into a ball and rolls forwards. Button strength determines distance. Pressing [↑] performs a short hop.

Shadow Attacks[]

Shadow Payload Assault [↓ ↘ → + 2P] Aganos pounds the ground, flinging up rocks that rain down across the entire stage. The rocks will fall even if he is hit, as long as he successfully pounds the ground. If Aganos is holding a Peacemaker, he instead performs a faster and stronger version of Relinquish.
Shadow Ruin [↓ ↙ ← + 2K] Aganos reels back and delivers an even stronger punch. Causes Wall Crash, is invulnerable to projectiles, and has unlimited armor without spending any chunks.
Shadow Pulverize [↓ ↙ ← + 2P] Aganos spins his upper body, punching five times. Invulnerable to throws.
Shadow Natural Disaster [↓ ↘ → + 2K] Aganos tucks into a ball and rolls forwards, hitting five times. Holding the Kick allows for better timing. Invulnerable to projectiles and high attacks during startup. Recaptures airborne opponents.
Killer Instinct - Aganos.png

Combo Openers[]

Pulverize (Shadow OK) [↓ ↙ ← + P]
Natural Disaster (Shadow OK) [↓ ↘ → + K]

Combo Linkers[]

Pulverize (Shadow OK) [↓ ↙ ← + LP/MP]
Natural Disaster (Shadow OK) [↓ ↘ → + LK/MK]

Combo Enders[]

Payload Assault [↓ ↘ → + P] Battery (+ Chunks)
Ruin [↓ ↙ ← + K] Wall Splat
Pulverize [↓ ↙ ← + HP] Damage
Natural Disaster [↓ ↘ → + HK] Exchange

Instinct Mode[]

Peacetime [HP+HK] Aganos is given a regenerating Peacemaker club for the duration of Instinct Mode. This Peacemaker doesn’t require a wall beforehand.


Ultra Combo [↓ ↘ → + 3K] Aganos delivers 18 hits to finish the match.
Ultra Ender [MP+MK] (in Ultra) Aganos does a leaping elbow drop to end the Ultra Combo.
Stage Ultra [↓ ↘ → + 3P] Aganos triggers a stage-specific finishing blow.
Ultimate [LP+LK] (in Ultra) Aganos knocks the opponent upwards with an uppercut and uses a Peacemaker to trap them in a ring of stone walls. He then enters his ball form and shoots forwards, using another wall as a ramp to launch himself sky high. He lands right on top of the trapped opponent, crushing them. He then bursts out from inside the walls.

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