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 Movelist Terminology

Directions are assumed facing to the right [→]
  • P: Any Punch
  • K: Any Kick
  • Charge: Hold the direction for at least 1 second
  • Long Charge: Hold the direction for at least 2 seconds
  • Hold: Hold the button for however long
  • Release: Release a held button

  • QP: Quick Punch
  • QK: Quick Kick
  • MP: Medium Punch
  • MK: Medium Kick
  • FP: Fierce Punch
  • FK: Fierce Kick

  • LP: Light Punch
  • LK: Light Kick
  • MP: Medium Punch
  • MK: Medium Kick
  • HP: Heavy Punch
  • HK: Heavy Kick
  • 2P: Any two Punches
  • 2K: Any two Kicks
  • 3P: All three Punches
  • 3K: All three Kicks

Killer Instinct (2013)[]

Combat Traits[]

Drone Ensemble Using Upload, ARIA can inhabit one of three Drone bodies: Booster, Blade, and Bass. Each has their own special moves and properties. She has just as much health as the rest of the cast, but divided among three bars rather than two. Potential damage on a Drone cannot be recovered unless it is inactive.
Booster Body ARIA's Booster Body has increased air speed and access to Hover.
Blade Body ARIA's Blade Body has increased walk speed and longer [MP] and [HP] range.
Bass Body ARIA's Bass Body has increased dash speed.
Upload Enders ARIA can use Upload as an ender, transferring between Drones while finishing a combo. This is a safer way to switch between Drones without risking getting hit during Upload.
Drone Assists Using Orchestrate, ARIA can call an inactive drone to provide a support attack. This lets ARIA attack in concert with her Drones, but also makes them briefly vulnerable to the opponent's attacks.

Command Attacks[]

Upload [3P/3K] ARIA disappears into her current Drone and emerges from the next. Punch version changes to top Drone, Kick changes to bottom Drone. Fully invulnerable during transfer, but ARIA is vulnerable afterwards.
Orchestrate [← + HP/HK] ARIA calls an unequipped Drone to assist her. Punch version calls top Drone, Kick calls bottom Drone. Booster tackles to cause hard knockdown, Blade does a startup-invincible uppercut, and Booster fires a horizontal projectile.
Downbeat [LK] ARIA kicks, causing flipout on airborne opponents.
Charge Bombs [HK] ARIA kicks to release a grenade. Holding Kick charges up to three grenades instead, which can be dash-canceled.
Hover [Hold ↑] (Booster) ARIA hovers using her wings, and can briefly move horizontally through the air.
Interlude [→ + HP] (Blade) ARIA spins and brings her blade down. Hits overhead.
Throw [→/← + LP+LK] ARIA slaps the opponent and then shotgun blasts them away.

Special Moves[]

Shotgun Blitz [↓ ↘ → + K] ARIA advances with a knee, firing a shotgun blast on hit or block. Button strength determines distance. Invulnerable to low attacks.
Explosive Arc [↓ ↙ ← + K] ARIA swings her leg, leaving an arc of three grenade explosions. Button strength determines speed. Invulnerable to high attacks.
Crescendo [↓ ↙ ← + P] (air OK, Booster) ARIA advances with a gliding tackle. Light travels horizontally, Medium travels diagonally, Heavy travels vertically.
Allegro [→ ↓ ↘ + P] (Blade) ARIA slices with her arm-mounted blade. Light is a rising uppercut, Medium is three running slashes, Heavy is two running slashes followed by an uppercut.
Dissonance [↓ ↘ → + P] (Bass) ARIA fires a sonic blast from her chest. Light goes along the ground, Medium is at chest level, Heavy is diagonally upwards.

Shadow Attacks[]

Shadow Shotgun Blitz [↓ ↘ → + 2K] ARIA advances with a sliding knee attack, then shotgun blasts five times. Invulnerable to projectiles.
Shadow Explosive Arc [↓ ↙ ← + 2K] ARIA swings her leg upward, leaving an arc of five grenade explosions.
Shadow Crescendo [↓ ↙ ← + 2P] (Booster) ARIA advances with a gliding tackle that hits five times. Has one hit of armor.
Shadow Allegro [→ ↓ ↘ + 2P] (Blade) ARIA delivers a rising uppercut that hits five times. Fully invulnerable.
Shadow Dissonance [↓ ↘ → + 2P] (Bass) ARIA fires seven sonic blasts from her chest cannon in a large arc across the stage.
Killer Instinct - ARIA.png

Combo Openers[]

Shotgun Blitz (Shadow OK) [↓ ↘ → + K]
Explosive Arc (Shadow OK) [↓ ↙ ← + K]
Crescendo [↓ ↙ ← + P] (air OK, Booster)

Combo Linkers[]

Shotgun Blitz (Shadow OK) [↓ ↘ → + LK/MK]
Explosive Arc (Shadow OK) [↓ ↙ ← + LK/MK]

Combo Enders[]

Shotgun Blitz [↓ ↘ → + HK] Hard Knockdown
Explosive Arc [↓ ↙ ← + HK] Launcher
Crescendo [↓ ↙ ← + P] (Booster) Wall Splat
Allegro [→ ↓ ↘ + P] (Blade) Damage
Dissonance [↓ ↘ → + P] (Bass) Battery
Upload [3P/3K] Upload

Instinct Mode[]

Combat Symphony No. 9 [HP+HK] ARIA combines all three Drones, gaining the abilities of every operational Drone at once. Damage is cut and distributed evenly among them, but if all bodies’ life are depleted, they are all destroyed at once. She also calls in a temporary Fanfare Drone for additional assistance. For every Drone body lost, ARIA calls an extra Fanfare Drone replacement, summoning up to three Fanfare Drones at once with two bodies destroyed.
Grand Orchestra [← + HP/HK] (in Instinct) ARIA calls a Fanfare Drone to fire a sonic blast at the opponent's location.
Disband [HP+HK] (in Instinct) ARIA disassembles her Drones, canceling Instinct Mode.


Ultra Combo [↓ ↙ ← + 3K] ARIA delivers 26 hits to finish the match.
Ultra Ender [MP+MK] (in Ultra) ARIA does a backflip with a shotgun blast to end the Ultra Combo.
Stage Ultra [↓ ↙ ← + 3P] ARIA triggers a stage-specific finishing blow.
Ultimate [LP+LK] (in Ultra) ARIA disappears into her three Drones, which each attack the opponent one after another and launch them into the air. They then fly away, combining afar into ARIA, who comes swooping down blade-first to strike the opponent midair in a flash of light. When the light subsides, ARIA's back is turned to the camera and she shoots a glare over her shoulder.

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